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The terms of our license agreement are fully outlined in our EULA. End User License Agreements for each and every product we engineer is displayed before you install our products (both trials and registered versions).

Though the Questions and Answers listed below in no way replace the terms defined within product EULAs, we hope they will help explain some of the terms/concepts contained within the license agreement. As always, if you have questions regarding our license, please do let us know.

What is a license?

A license permits you to use software, content, and services in accordance with certain terms and conditions set out in an End-User License Agreement (EULA). A EULA is a legally binding document. Without entering into a EULA, you can't legally use the software, content, or service.

When you purchase software you are buying the right, or getting a license, to use the software in accordance with the EULA.

The EULA explains exactly how you can use the software you purchase and identifies specific restrictions on your use of the software. If you break the terms of the EULA, you are subject to enforcement action and penalties.

Can I use my software on two computers?

If you own, or are the primary user of, a single-user license that is installed on a computer at work or home, you cannot also install and use the software on a secondary computer.

I want to know how to activate my product?

To activate the product please refer to the help manual using this link: Help Manual

I'm having a problem activating my product. What do I do now?

If the computer on which your software is installed cannot connect to the Internet or to Origin Software's activation servers, you can activate your software offline. Please click the "Activate By Email" link on the activation screen to begin the offline activation process.

I have a free version of the product and now it's telling me I need to purchase a license. Why is this?

Some of our products are listed as freeware. These products also contain additional features that are available with the product at an additional licensing fee. You have the option to purchase a license and use all of the features contained within the product, or you can continue to use the free version with a limited feature set.

For a complete list of standard and limited features please refer to the following feature comparison chart: Edition Comparison