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Welcome to the free registration of ViewerFX® for Crystal Reports, the ultimate Crystal Report Viewer. For commercial environments, please purchase a licensed copy of ViewerFX® for Crystal Reports.

ViewerFX® for Crystal Reports works for 45 days after the installation in demo mode. You will need to obtain a FREE license key by E-mail to continue to use the application past the expiration date.

Before registering, please read the following information:

  • The free registration of ViewerFX® for Crystal Reports is performed by a robot which sends a message containing the license key to the email address you entered in the registration form.

    The email is sent from:
    and the mailbox specified for reply is:

  • Listed below are several reasons why you may not receive your license key:

    1. Filling in an incorrect E-mail address - the robot will send the message to this wrong mailbox and you won't receive it.
    2. Your mailbox is full - the registration message can't be stored in your mailbox and you won't receive it.
    3. You or your Internet provider use a so called AntiSpam program and it blocks the registration email as a spam. Please ensure that emails from the above mentioned addresses are authorized to enter your mailbox.

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E-mail address must be entered properly and must be valid as the activation key of ViewerFX® for Crystal Reports will be sent to this address. Please, re-check the entered e-mail address before submitting the form.