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Our biggest advocates are our clients.

If You’re Successful, So Are We

Origin Software, Inc. is only as successful as its customers. So, from the moment you purchase our products, we’re here to help. From initial training to rollout, to ongoing system maintenance, we provide you with the resources you need to get the most out of your solution.

Professional services

  • Professional Services are available to provide custom development options if needed, analysis to ensure optimal use of our products and aid in future configuration initiatives.
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Software implementation

  • Our products are robust and offer thousands of options that a customer can choose to leverage, based on their individual business requirements and needs. Our job is to understand your business and current processes to help you configure the optimal solution that works best in your operation.

    We employ a disciplined project management approach and will communicate with you and guide you through the necessary steps of action leading to a successful go-live. Our project manager will map out details, set timetables and define work assignments, collaborating with your staff to identify and take the steps necessary to achieve the desired go-live results. Standardized planning and reporting tools and an array of training options are all built into the plan to capture potential issues early on and insure readiness.

Support Options

  • There are 2 support channels to contact our support team, you can email us directly or use the online user forums. Both feed into the same FIFO (first in - first out) queue, and while the size of that queue can change from day to day, the average time for an item to go from the back to the front of the queue is a little under one business day.

    The online user forums have some additional advantages over email, you can mark incidents for public consumption, and you can search among available public incidents which may just be the most immediate way to get an answer. and Your Privacy

  • may ask you to register and include personal information that identifies you ("Personal Details") under certain circumstances, including instances when you download free software.

    Origin Software, Inc. uses your information for two primary purposes: To help you automatically manage your personal information. To inform you of product upgrades, special offers, and updated information on the services offered by Origin Software.

    If you choose not to register and provide the required information, you can still use the vast majority of the content contained at, but you will be unable to use some additional resources available.